Jamie-Lynn Sigler


Recorded 7.15.21
Hosted by: Hillary Sawchuk

How’s your day?

So, we are in our house here in Austin, Texas. We have been renovating for quite some time, and we are a month over. For anyone who’s done a renovation, I guess that’s normal that you go over time, but a month is a long time for no kitchen with two small children. I was supposed to start a movie this week, which also got pushed, so it’s the theme of my life right now. We’re going to fly to New York to be with my family, have a kitchen, not eat Chick- fil-A for many meals of the day, and have a little vacation.

I love that you took a stand for your family and you recently moved from L.A. to Austin. Tell us about this big move.

I was in L.A. for 12 years. Like a lot of people in 2020, you took this time to reevaluate life and what makes you happy, what you really prioritize in life. And during one of the darker moments of quarantine, my husband and I really got into talking about this and [thinking about] what our most ideal situation would be. And for me, I always thought about getting to a certain level of my career where I didn’t necessarily have to live in New York or L.A. We can live somewhere different, not so much industry-focused or my industry-focused rather, we can raise our kids with a different life, with space. And then it got to this point where I thought “What am I waiting for? Who’s going to say when that time in my career is? Who’s going to give me that permission? Why not now?” Also, during that time, my husband’s company was switching over to being more remote and realizing not everybody had to be in L.A. to work at this company. We started the Zillow thing, like everybody else, and then one of my very best friends, Odette Annabel, and her husband Dave had already made the move down here in the spring. That got us really thinking. So, we came down here in October 2020, saw probably 20 houses, made an offer and it was accepted. And then 30 minutes later, I booked a television show in Los Angeles. So, that’s exactly how life goes. I hadn’t worked in L.A. in I don’t know how many years. Every time I worked, it was either in Canada or Atlanta or New York. So, we stayed there to shoot the pilot, and then we moved down here in March.


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