Tara Schuster

Author, Playwright and Entertainment Executive

Recorded 7.8.21
Hosted by: Catt Sadler

What are you drinking?

I’m drinking a tequila soda. Tequila is my very good friend. We are close. I like a tequila.

Is that one of your better relationships, would you say?

Historically, it’s a pretty good thing.

You were a successful Comedy Central executive and then everything changed when you put yourself in front of the world by writing a self-help memoir. How did that shift happen?

I’m going to take us back to the very beginning of it. I never set out to write a book. I was the VP in Talent and Development at Comedy Central. I was totally in the comedy world. I worked on shows like “Key & Peele” and with David Spade, that was my life. I was very professionally successful, but internally I was having a real struggle. So, I didn’t set out to write a book. I set out to save my life.

I had grown up in a very neglectful, abusive household where things came to die. Like all the pets died, all the plants died, a family of deer wandered into the pool and they died. And it’s not funny, except sometimes I have to laugh because it was so bleak and that’s my only deflection. But my sister and I, we made it out, and we made it out by being so dedicated to school. We were always really good at work. I was always good at presenting as I’ve got it together. Like, “Look at my grades, look at my career.” But internally, that whole time at Comedy Central, I was just imploding.

I’m so sorry if you sat next to me on the one train going Uptown in New York and I was sobbing on you. I was that girl just crying on a stoop, crying in the subway. And I didn’t know where all these emotions were coming from because, in my mind, I shouldn’t have it this bad. I didn’t have the worst childhood ever; I shouldn’t be allowed to be this miserable.

I wasn’t really dealing with it. I never really thought I needed help because my dad was a lawyer and my mom was a doctor. I shouldn’t feel this way.


A Drink With Live!

Hosted by: Catt Sadler

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