Rachel Zoe

Fashion Designer, TV Personality, CEO and Entrepreneur

Recorded 9.9.21
Hosted by: Catt Sadler

Hi. I’m so happy to be here. This is so fun. So much fun, I should say. I used to say, “So fun,” and then I remember either a teacher or my mom or dad correcting me with, “So much fun.”

This coming from the woman who has coined famous catchphrases. I think you can say whatever you want, Rachel. What are you drinking? Cheers to you.

I’m drinking some lovely white wine with ice because I find when I add ice, it just slows things down. It’s slower and it’s better and it lasts longer. How’s that?

I want to raise a glass to you because we are Virgo sisters and I know you just celebrated a birthday. How was your birthday? Because you and I are not celebrating 25 anymore.

No we are not. It’s an interesting question because I’ve been really in my head about my birthday. It’s been such a precarious time in life, I think for everybody. Ultimately on an emotional level, I’ve never been happier. Because as we get older, we just get to that more peaceful place, right? Things that used to really make you mental just don’t anymore, or not in the same way. But I will say, I think I’m going to forever go with 35 and call it a day. After 35 I just said, “Okay, this is it. I’m not counting anymore. This is the last birthday for me, and forever it will be my 35th.” My little son, Kaius, believes that I’m 24. Not because I told him that, but because he asked me how old I was and I said, “How old do you want me to be?” And he said, “23.” And I said, “That’s a great number.” And so I’m just going with it.
I will be honest with you. I think J-Lo, I think some of these incredible women that we see getting even better and stronger with age is such an incredible thing for women to see. I do very admittedly say that getting older is not easy and it’s not great. There are great things about it, but it’s also really hard. It’s not easy and we are only going in one direction. We’re not Benjamin Button. So in full disclosure, I don’t love my birthday. I use it as a really great excuse to see my friends and celebrate life.

I appreciate you being honest, vulnerable and raw, because I agree with you. You get a little wiser and you feel a little more confident and there are certain things that are so wonderful about getting older, but then it’s like, “Shit…”

Oh, we’re getting older.


A Drink With Live!

Hosted by: Catt Sadler

Catt Sadler is an Emmy-winning journalist with 20 years of on-air experience. She spent more than a decade on E! Entertainment and has been a prominent voice in the equal pay movement. Also an entrepreneur and mother, Catt brings meaningful and entertaining intel to the conversations over drinks with influential changemakers.  Every week Catt toasts to inspiring guests with stories of how they — with resilience and strength — overcame challenging obstacles and came out the other side.

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