Devi Brown

Author, Chief Impact Officer at Chopra and Wellness Educator

Recorded 8.26.21
Hosted by: Catt Sadler

What are you sipping on?

I have a three-year-old and it’s not yet bedtime for him, otherwise, I would have my wine with you, girl. I’m having a nice little cup of tea.

You’re a busy lady. You’ve got your podcast, you are the Chief Impact Officer at Chopra Global, you are a published author of several books. I watch you and think, “She is doing this with so much grace.” Does it feel that way to you?

Thank you for that reflection. It does. I live a life of grace, I have to say, which is not to say it’s without challenge. I’ve got the challenges, but I do feel divinely led and something that has been really beautiful for me in my journey is establishing flexible boundaries. When we think about boundaries, we think really rigid like, “No. Absolutely not. Stop.” I imagine my boundaries more like an ocean’s wave. I let stuff roll in, but I’m also very clear about the things that can be pushed out.
There is juggling the work I know I’m called to do, and then also my child, also my own joy and pleasure. It really comes into all the things that I say no to and all the ways I don’t leak my energy. I have a lot of non-negotiables in my self-care and that’s what allows me, in the way that you reflected it, to come off with a layer of grace as I’m moving.

You don’t leak your energy. I love that because so many of us are guilty of that. We haven’t established those kinds of lines in the sand to protect our energy, flow and frequency. Were you always this tapped in? Did something happen that made you wake up and become more mindful?

I think we’re all born with it. The thing is, we forget. We come to this earth and then circumstances, experiences, many of them we don’t ask for. They don’t receive our consent but they change the way we experience ourselves. We all arrive at earth whole, fully capable, radiating love in that receptive flow with God and then things unfold and the challenge of why we’re here begins to present itself. A lot of our work, especially as adults or as people that feel called to more, we begin a path of remembering what we already came here for. We’re not fixing ourselves, we’re not changing ourselves. We’re just settling into accepting ourselves and knowing that that’s enough.
I think, in an ethereal way, yes, I was born like this, I came to earth, but it’s a lifelong practice. I’m an only child raised by a single parent. The nature of that makes you really inward. There’s a lot of time with your own thoughts, a lot of time experiencing yourself. I’m a deeply, deeply, deeply curious person, especially about myself and how I work and what I’m made of. What is my energetic seasoning? So, I’m always in investigation.About 10 years ago, I just hit this burnout where I thought, “This can’t be my life. I have to have more joy. I have to have access to more pleasure, more peace.” So, I started meditating, and meditation was the shift that truly made everything else about my life possible. It’s now a balance of maintaining. My self-care is non-negotiable, my meditation practice is not negotiable, and I see the difference if I don’t do it.


A Drink With Live!

Hosted by: Catt Sadler

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