What is it like being part of Hollywood these days with fans constantly wanting to take photos for social media?

It’s getting crazier for sure. With every movie it gets crazier and crazier. The thing is, yeah, it is annoying sometimes but at the same time you’re thinking, “If they don’t want that then you’re not successful.” It’s fine when you’re in the right setting. When I’m with my friends at dinner I’m not in the mood but if I’m in a setting like this at a festival then of course, whatever. Most people are really chill about it if you’re chill about it.

What do film festivals like Sundance mean to you?

Sundance is so interesting, I think it depends on what you’re coming to Sundance for. Sundance is special this time because with “Laggies” we made this movie for under $2 million. It was Kiera Knightley, Sam Rockwell and I and none of us were making any money. It was a complete labor of love, we did it because we wanted to.

Any friends you have been looking forward to running into?

I was talking to Kristen [Stewart] because I want to see her film “Camp X-Ray”. I wanted to see her but she’s leaving today! I just did “Clouds of Sils Maria” with her that is coming out later this year. She literally came in, did press all day and now she’s out. It’s crazy. My friend Skylar Grey is also here, she performed last night with Kaskade so I’m going to try and see her today. Another one of my friends Kodi Smit-McPhee is here as well so I’m going to try and meet him for lunch.

Is it a nice change of pace being in a casual atmosphere as opposed to being dressed up for a red carpet event?

It’s definitely casual but there are a lot of paparazzi which makes it crazy. The events are really nice though and the people are normal. 

If you were here at Sundance as just a movie-goer, what would you be looking forward to seeing most?

I really want to see Kate Hudson’s film “Wish I Was Here”. There are a couple of other films I want to see but I’m leaving tomorrow.

You’ve accomplished so much that it is hard to believe you are only 17. For weekends like this, who do you usually travel with?

My whole family is in town, all of my brothers came for my premiere last night.

How many brothers do you have?


Do you enjoy being the only girl?

Yeah, it’s great. The tall blonde guy over there is my older brother. And my acting coach. And my manager. And my producing partner! It’s a little intense for sure. It’s definitely a little bit of an entourage, we’re a group.


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