Why did you choose Chicago as one of your pop-up shop locations?

We love it here. The truth is we have the access to the best closets in the world and we are getting so big that we naturally can’t fulfill it out of L.A. We get a lot of winter wear that we can’t really sell in the store so it’s great to bring it to other people. It’s really about the access we have that is unparalleled.

Rarely do women wear their heels on their commute to work here in the city. Is there a fashionable alternative?

I would say a great Chanel ballet slipper or Lanvin slipper as long as it’s not raining or wet. Otherwise put on your Hunters like the Jimmy Choo for Hunter [collaboration] they did, those are chic. That is what I would do.

We’re seeing a lot of long sleeve garments in your vintage couture pieces.

There is an ’80s YSL collection of blouses we brought here. We were already ahead of that trend before Gucci started showing it so that is great. I’m from Michigan so I’m always cold, no matter where we are. I’m always wearing sweaters so despite it being so warm in L.A. we’ve always had a great winter selection.

Those will come in handy, we just learned we’re going to have the worst winter in history.

Really, who said that? Was it on

How can we stay stylish in a blizzard?

Stay home and look fabulous, that’s what I say. Play dress up in front of the mirror and don’t go outside.

Where did you have dinner last night?

Le Colonial, I love it there. It reminds me of Indochine in New York. We had a family style dinner. They gave us appetizers and the DJ was playing upstairs, that was great. It was fun!

If you could have a drink with anyone, who would it be?

Maria Callas . She was an amazing Greek diva who had a crazy life. We’d have a shot of ouzo together.

Photography by Natalie Probst

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