How did you get involved with the Rockit Ranch Productions crew?

It all started back in 2008 with a gentleman named Grant Niewinski who worked at the Underground. I used to be a district manager for GNC and he used to come to my store all of the time. He asked if I ever thought about making a little bit of extra money. I didn’t really hang out in River North. If I did go out it was in Bucktown or the Wicker Park area and I really didn’t hang out in clubs that much. He said, “Are you interested in being a door guy or security at The Underground? It’s one of the hottest nightclubs in Chicago.” At the time I thought, “Alright, the money wouldn’t hurt,” and now here we are.

What is the biggest misconception about being a VIP captain in the nightclub industry?

That it’s easy. It’s not at all. It can be stressful because you know a lot of people. There are nights we have celebs and athletes in here and we’re packed but everyone wants to get in and certain people don’t get in. Now you’re in the position of having to pick who gets in.

Chicago Magazine named you one of the 50 Most Beautiful Chicagoans. What was your initial reaction after that phone call?

I’m not going to lie when it first happened I thought it was a joke. I got an email and I’m thinking, “No, this is not right.” I was thinking it was a joke by my best friend. I told my mom and she went ballistic. I was shocked.

Did that improve your dating life?

No, not at all. It probably made it worse.

Since you are single, what do you envision your perfect girl to be like?

Someone who is an understanding person, an intelligent person and someone who knows sports. Besides that, someone who is their own person and not looking towards me to reassure them that they are a great person. It’s like, you should already know that and that’s why I’m talking to you. That’s why I’m dating you, because you are a great person. I don’t need to reassure you every day.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

President of the company. At some point in time Arturo, Billy and Brad are going to have to pass on the reigns and hopefully I’ll be that person that they’ll pass the reigns on to.

How do you spend a night off?

Every once in a while I might go to The Fifty/50 or The Anthem. Honestly, for the most part I read comic books, stay home and watch cartoons. I try to keep the kid in me. Otherwise once you lose that you lose a big piece of yourself so I want to try and be as young as possible. So to me that is my outlet from work.

Last great meal?

Joe’s. It’s been my favorite spot since I ate there the first time with Arturo. The bone-in filet, medium, what else is there to say? To me, it’s the best steak in Chicago.

Where does your style come from?

My mom still dresses me. Most of my fashion sense comes from her. I’m a cardigan guy. I love cardigans and that’s all because of my mom. She put me in cardigans my whole life so to this day I still wear them. We had a family that just liked fashion.

If you could have a drink with anyone, who would it be?

Einstein, just to know what he was thinking.

Photography by Natalie Probst

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