Florida Georgia Line

Is this how we can usually find you hanging out before your shows?

TROY JOHNSON, TOUR MANAGER: This is called Harrison Road. It’s got a little bar set up, it’s where they hang out, where they drink, where they kind of do their thing. So it’s pretty simple, they looked at the John Legend piece – way nicer. This is definitely not John Legend style but it’s what we do.

BRIAN KELLEY: We’re makin’ a drink, right? We know how to do that!

Can you go anywhere unnoticed these days?

BRIAN: Sometimes. My wife and I were recently at a mall in South Dakota, we thought we were slippin’ in there like nobody knew us and 10 minutes later everybody in the mall knew. Which is cool! It’s a testament of how far we’ve come. We started just from writin’ music in Nashville on the back of his tailgate so to see where songs can take you and where the fans are and to feel their support is pretty freakin’ incredible.

One thing you miss being able to do unrecognized?

TYLER HUBBARD: You know what? I think just a casual walk through Walmart is always fun, just kind of chillin’ and takin’ your time. Or going to the mall, going somewhere like that is difficult for us nowadays.

BRIAN: Tyler pulls his hair back to not get recognized. [Laughs]

TYLER: But that’s what we work for so it’s still really cool. It’s one of those things where that’s just one small sacrifice that you have to live with and a sacrifice we’re definitely willing to make. We’re still really enjoying that part of it. And yeah, I can still put my hair in a ponytail and put a hoodie on and get away with just about anything.

When is the last time you guys have been able to enjoy a concert as just a fan?

TYLER: We went to Bruno Mars when we were in Hawaii in April, that was fun.

BRIAN: That was awesome! We also just went to Britney Spears.

How do you maintain relationships when you’re always on the road?

BRIAN: I’m married and my wife comes on the road with us pretty much all the time.

TYLER: I’ve got a [fiancé] and it’s pretty much the same life. I mean, we are kind of to a point now where we can bring our girls out and live this life together.

What is it like when you have to act with another love interest in your videos? 

TYLER: I think depending on where we’re at in life it’s fun. It’s cool but it’s definitely acting so it’s challenging and that’s something neat for us. Anytime we’re doing something that’s challenging, we like that.

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Spending day in, day out with just one other person, what’s the last disagreement the two of you got into?

BRIAN: To be honest we really don’t get in any tiffs. The last time we’ve had to discuss anything was probably a couple of years ago. We’ve always kind of taken the marriage approach in our relationship and business because it’s such a creative environment. There’s a lot of respect between the both of us and we really are best friends so it’s cool, it’s natural and it’s not something that we ever really had to try hard at. It’s having that communication between me and Tyler and for some reason we’re always on the same page, you know? And if we’re not then we pretty much immediately get there.

Last text message you sent?

TYLER: It was to BK saying, “Come watch the FGL highlights on my bus.”

With the constant outpouring of tweets and messages you get from fans, are there ones that still really hit you?

TYLER: The one for us is when someone says they had never listened to country music before they started listening to FGL and now they just love country. For us that’s huge. I mean, that’s a huge compliment to know that we’re a part of bringing more people into the genre.

The genre of country music has changed so much over the years. It was really exciting to hear Alabama’s “I’m in a Hurry” back on the radio from your cover. What made you want to record that track?

BRIAN: When Alabama asked us to be a part of the album we were very, very humbled by that. That was one of the coolest things. That was a bucket list check-off, right there. We could retire! I mean, it was really that cool to us. We are huge fans and that is one of our favorite songs, ever. Period. We were surprised nobody had cut it yet, ya know? Our producer Joey Moi just crushed that track and brought it to life. But with that song, you can’t really do any wrong. I mean, it’s literally timeless.

Besides Jack Daniel’s, what else can we find you indulging in on the road?

TYLER: Right behind you is a box of Oreos. That’s probably our guilty pleasure. A little late night Oreo sesh is always fun. That’s the first thing that came to mind!

In your recent “24 Hours in the Life of Florida Georgia Line” you poured your first drink at 10 a.m. You must have the secret to the hangover cure, or is that it?

BRIAN: A couple of unmentionables. [Laughs]

TYLER: I would say for me it’s just water and sleep. I can’t, it’s a slow process for me and it’s a long road. I had a good hangover in the morning today but usually we try to avoid that. That’s why we throw a little water in our whiskey but for the most part sleep, water and maybe a couple a Advils.

In only three years since your 2012 debut album you’ve garnered numerous AMA, CMA, Billboard and CMT awards. It’s safe to say you’ve skyrocketed. Where do you see the next three years taking you?

BRIAN: I think that our goal is to be in stadiums non-stop. We just like the more the merrier, the bigger the better. The more people, the bigger the party, the better the party. That’s just our goal, that’s what I think we both dreamed of and we feel very blessed to be where we’re at. I mean, it’s still crazy that we got here. We started in my Tahoe and now we’re out here and we feel very blessed. Our fans mean everything to us. And our new music? I can tell you our new music that’s comin’ out this party is gonna get crazy, even crazier out on the road when this album comes out.

If you could have a drink with anyone, who would it be?

TYLER: Ah, I’d have a beer with Jesus. [Laughs] Man, I don’t know actually. That’s a great question.

BRIAN: I’d like to have a beer with my mom’s dad. He died young, in his early 50s and he was an amazing man and father. I’ve heard a lot of really cool stories so I think that’d be really cool to just meet him and learn how my mom, you know, just got to be my mom. She’s amazing too so that’d be cool.

TYLER: I’d probably have a glass of wine or a fruity drink with mom. She’s never drank before so that’d be fun. I could maybe get her to have a glass of white wine, something nice and refreshing.

BRIAN: Ease her into it!

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