Happy belated 39th Birthday! Are you the type to get anxiety about approaching 40?

No. Let me tell you why. I was very good friends with Joan Rivers and I was so inspired by how lively she was and still completely relevant at such a ripe old age. I just hope to get to that point in my life.

Did you see and love her documentary “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work”?

Of course!

What is something you wish someone would have told you about life in your 30s?

Well, I’ve been told this and I didn’t really believe it until it happened to me, but your metabolism shuts down. Like a power outage. It’s just done. That’s a real thing!

While America is watching “Modern Family” on Wednesday night, what will we find you doing?

Sometimes I’m working and actually shooting another episode of “Modern Family”, sometimes we’re off at dinner or doing other things. I certainly don’t clear out my Wednesdays to watch the show but I watch every episode whether it be the next day. I still haven’t seen this week’s episode but I’m a fan of the show and if I wasn’t on the show I’d want to watch it.

You once said you’re 95 percent like your character, what is the 5 percent that you don’t have in common with Mitchell Pritchett?

I have a little bit more of a lightness. Mitchell takes himself extremely seriously. I’m also not nearly as smart as Mitchell. I’m not a lawyer. Sometimes he says things and I’m like, “Oh, such a great way of putting it! I would have never said it that way.”

Have any of your personal experiences made it into the script?

A few things have made it into the script. A lot of the writers from the show came to my wedding, just to absorb what a gay wedding was. I challenged them to make the TV wedding as big as my real one.

And were they able to?

My real wedding was pretty amazing but they did a good job.

Jesse Tyler FergusonJesse Tyler FergusonJesse Tyler Ferguson

Favorite part of your wedding day?

We had Tony Kushner officiate the wedding and he wrote the most beautiful oratory for us. I couldn’t believe he was marrying us.

When did you know Justin was the one?

Probably really, really early on. Embarrassingly soon. I don’t think I remember an exact moment. It was a really easy courtship, he’s such a great guy. He is so easy to be around and so much fun to be around. Once you’re around someone like that, that smart and that cute… Let’s be honest, he’s so cute.

Who made the first move?

He was the one who approached me initially. But when it came to it, I proposed. He also made me very aware that he would say yes if I asked him.

Your non-profit Tie The Knot sells limited edition bow ties with proceeds going to charitable organizations that support same sex marriage. Have you been able to take in the fact you are making a difference?

Thank you for saying that. We do, we’re very proud of what we are doing. There’s such a tidal wave of movement for marriage equality right now, kind of a domino effect. We certainly don’t take credit for all of that, there are a lot of other people who really should be celebrated for that work but we know that we have helped fund that and we’ve helped bring awareness to it.

We’re at The Tie Bar’s pop up shop in Lincoln Park— Do you remember the very first time you wore a bow tie?

I think it was my First Communion or something. It was a clip on I’m sure.

Are you enjoying Chicago’s restaurants while in town?

Yes, RPM is great. We went to Blackbird the other night and it was delicious. We are staying at the Soho House and they have great food there.

If you could have a drink with anyone, who would it be?

A drink with anyone? It would probably be one last drink with Joan Rivers … We would have a glass of wine, she liked wine.



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