If you could have a drink and enjoy a show at the festival with anyone, who would it be?

Robert De Niro.

What do you think the two of you would talk about?

I think that he’s such an incredible artist. I would want to talk to him about his mindset when he gets into acting in different roles. I’m Jewish and I know he’s half Jewish, my parents came out of Bensonhurst, [New York] which was pretty mob heavy so I would want to talk to him about that. I would be curious to know, were his parents in the mob? Kind of like how my parents were in the mob too.

What’s going through your mind when you’re on stage?

I’m getting into a character and his name is Perry Farrell. I have a role that I’m playing and his name is Perry. [De Niro’s] got a role that he’s playing and it could be, you know, Jake LaMotta, I don’t know. It’s a similar mindset.

What’s the difference between the Perry who’s the frontman of Jane’s Addiction and the Perry who’s here dining at Paris Club?

There is less of a chance of me getting arrested while I’m on stage. Back in the day, I’d get arrested sometimes because I’d take my clothes off but I don’t really like to do that anymore. This is my first night here at [Paris Club] and I can tell you, I’m going to tell everyone who is important to me that they should come here.

Photography by Neal Agustin

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