Jenny McCarthy: I wanna have a drink!

We wanted to bring one up for you!

I don’t think I could drink. I don’t think I could even swallow in this f-cking Victoria Beckham dress. It’s so tight!

If you could have a drink with anyone, who would it be?

That’s a really good question! I bet everyone says that’s a really good question. You know what’s weird is that after being in Hollywood a lot of us have this saying which is, “Be weary of meeting your heroes,” because we have too many expectations and put people on pedestals and then when you meet them you realize it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be sometimes. I’ve learned that so I don’t have a huge like, “Oh my God, I would love to have drinks with this person,” but that being said, I’d probably want to smoke a joint with the guy from The Doors, a joint with Jim Morrison! And take acid with Jerry Garcia.

What has been the most memorable moment from work you’ve done for autism and Generation Rescue?

The moment that the treatment was working with [my son] Evan. Generation Rescue was a website I found and I started listening to everything they did. I implemented it with Evan and then I just kind of waited. I kept like pouring sh-t in his mouth, it was like “Lorenzo’s Oil”. One day we were watching “SpongeBob” and he laughed at a joke. Usually [autistic] kids don’t understand a lot of the humor in the words that are being said to them on TV but he had understood a joke! I was jumping up and down on my bed screaming. I called my mom and was like, “I’m doing it, I’m doing it! I’m recovering him! He’s gonna make it,” so that moment always stands out for me. You know, people give a lot of sh-t about SpongeBob not being [educational] but [SpongeBob] is my hero.

You’re a Chicago girl, born and raised. Have you noticed a difference between dating Midwest guys and the ones in L.A.?

There is! I gotta tell you guys, I just wrote a column on this, it’s coming out next week and literally that is the title!

Are you saying girls should stay in Chicago if they want to find a man?

You should, absolutely. If you want a great guy that is, of course most people do. Actually, my friends want to date assholes but if you’re ready for a great guy, Chicago is the place for that.

Do you ever see yourself moving back here?

Yes, oh yes! Actively.

Photography by Neal Agustin

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