What has been your most memorable performance thus far?

Caitlin: Performing at the Louvre [in Paris] when we opened for Janet Jackson was pretty amazing. We flew in and flew out, we were only there for 18 hours.

Mia: We went straight from the plane to soundcheck. We were already jet lagged and in a little bit of a daze and she was soundchecking her violin and it was echoing throughout all of the glass [inside the Louvre].

Caitlin: The acoustics were just amazing.

Your electro-pop-duo played at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. For those of us that didn’t get an invite, what was that reception like?

Mia: Oh, Chelsea is the bomb! We love the Clintons. We met Bill, who is amazing.

Caitlin: He’s so charming! It’s so true.

Mia: We started doing events for the Clinton Foundation, which Chelsea and Bill work on together. They’re just such a great family and they really love music. The first time we met him he was telling us about all of these other [famous] violinists that play with bands. The wedding was amazing, they danced until 4 in the morning.

So the Clintons know how to party?

Mia: Bill and Hillary snuck out early. They were the most gracious hosts and even had one of their friends deejay for a little while so we could dance and hang out. Super sweet, down-to-earth normal people … By the way, I like that for part of your job you just had to open that Peroni! Cheers! I think I need another. We’re on New York time!

The DollsThe DollsThe DollsThe DollsPencey

Mia, you’ve teamed up with Christina Minasian for Pencey‘s Mia Moretti x Pencey Collection found here aSofia Boutique. What did you each bring to the table?

Christina: Every time I work with someone new I learn a new way to look at something and a new way to find inspiration in things. Especially with these two prints. They’re something I probably would have been afraid of, wondering if it would sell and if people would get it. I think that since Mia believed in it so much it made me believe in it.

Mia: She was a little scared of the print on print. We both have different styles but similar aesthetics. Together we created the different variations of the blouses [for the collection]. For this one [pointing to Caitlin’s blouse] I wanted it to be all print. I’m Miss All-or-Nothing but Christina was like, “We should do the variational,” and once I saw the sample I thought it was so good. But my brain would have never thought like that.

How did you two initially decide to partner on this collection?

Christina: We had always been talking about it so finally we were like, “Let’s just do it!” We got together and came up with what the theme was going to be. The collection was inspired by Mia’s love for music, jazz and New Orleans. Then we incorporated Mia’s ideas and the styles from Pencey with the prints we designed together. It was a total collaboration.

Mia: The two prints were inspired by women who I felt embodied this new spirit, this new lifestyle and really paved the way for that. It was women like Josephine Baker [for the banana leaf print] and Eva Peron [for the face print].

Christina: If [Josephine Baker and Eva Peron] were to have had a daughter!

Mia: Nothing is literal in fashion, right? Eva Peron is the [former] first lady of Argentina, she’s a strong woman. When you look up online you find images of her on a balcony in a suit with her hair always done. She’s gorgeous but different than how you traditionally saw women in history before that. I love that strong tailored look.

Where do you turn when you’re looking for inspiration?

Mia: Living in New York, when you step outside inspiration just comes crashing down. When you’re in a rut or feeling down, just walk down the street. I could step outside of my apartment and take a three- or four-block stroll and then have all of these ideas.

If you could have a drink with anyone, who would it be?

Caitlin: Beethoven.

Mia: Yoko Ono. She wouldn’t even have to talk!


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