If we were to take a peek inside your closet at home, what would it look like?

It’s pretty organized! I’m not a big clothes person. I mean, I buy a lot of clothes but I buy a lot of bags and shoes. I try to keep organized but it’s very hard!

Would you let your good friend and consignment queen, Corri McFadden, clean out your closet?

No, I’m not getting rid of anything! I always tell Corri, “I can’t do what you do!” I don’t want to get rid of stuff! So it’s hard.

Looking back on the early days of your career, before winning “Project Runway”, what has changed most about you?

There are a million of things. Oh my gosh, I don’t know! Everything from my business in general to how I design and what I think about each season. As the company grows and as the business grows you think about different things so that is always something I kind of consider. And you know, I’m growing, getting older, developing different ideas.

Who was one of the first celebrities you dressed that made you realize you’ve made it?

Oh my God! After the show I had the pleasure of going to Victoria Beckham’s house and we did a fitting with her and it was pretty amazing! I dressed Heidi [Klum] for the Emmy’s a few weeks later when she hosted. I mean, so many amazing people early on and still today! I get excited. We just dressed Carrie Underwood recently which was really great. We just sent some clothes to Kristen Stewart. You just never know what happens but it’s always exciting to see the email and see who wants to wear the clothes. It’s pretty great!

Christian Siriano

Do you have a fellow designer that you look to for advice?

Not really. I have a few designers I know and keep in touch with but it’s hard. This weekend I’m doing a sample sale with Erin Fetherston at my store and I think she is such a great person because she’s been in the business and understands what it’s like to be a young designer and I think she’s really great. But you know, it’s tough. It’s one of those things where you have to separate yourself but also you want to take advice so I take advice from the retailers a lot; sales associates that have worked at Neiman Marcus for 20, 30 years, that’s who I want to talk to!

The fashion industry seems so fun and glamorous. What stresses you out?

Everything! Everything is hard. Shipping, deliveries, fabric orders, everything! It’s such a hard business. It’s a very stressful business. It’s not fair, it’s not really fun. [Laughs] If you don’t love it, don’t get into it! That’s my rule.

What did you draw inspiration from for your upcoming Spring line? 

That was the American Ballet Theatre. It was [inspired by] ballet and what a modern ballerina would wear in her life. I just wanted it to be really romantic and feminine.

Where do you feel most creative?

My office is really busy and a really creative place. At home, I sketch a lot at night. I come up with ideas a lot at night, in the middle of the night but in my office it’s pretty amazing. I look at fabrics a lot! Fabrics are really inspiring and that really helps.

When you are at home hanging out, what are some of your guilty pleasures?

Junk food! I eat junk food a lot. I have a bowl of cereal at like 1 o’clock in the morning, like Captain Crunch!

If you could have a drink with anyone, who would it be?

Oh my gosh! It’s such a hard [question]. I think it would be Grace Coddington and it would be in Paris, [or] somewhere amazing, but I wouldn’t want it to be alcohol, I’d want it to be like hot apple cider.


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